Avoid attachment deletion on destroy with Paperclip

In case you don’t know, Paperclip is a nice gem that integrates with ActiveRecord and takes care of saving binary data – like an image, a video or a pdf – as if it were an attribute of the record: basically, you call save on the entity that you declared the attachment on and the binary data will be persisted along with your database record. You can save the binary data directly on the server, send it somewhere else via HTTP or FTP, save it on Amazon’s s3… a lot more options are available via external plugins.

So, you call save and the attachment is persisted, you call destroy and the attachment gets deleted. What if you don’t want to delete the attachment when destroy is called on the owner? As it turns out, there’s a little option (:preserve_files), default false, that tells paperclip to leave the attachments alone when the parent entity gets destroyed. If you have an attachment declared like this:

  :has_attached_file => :attachment,
                        :styles => { :thumb => 100x100! }

All you need to do to avoid this attachment’s deletion on destroy is to add the preserve_files option:

  :has_attached_file => :attachment,
                        :styles => { :thumb => 100x100! },
                        :preserve_files => true

Hope this helps – took me a while to find out.


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