Interface designing with Ruby and GTK+

As I said some posts ago, there is no support for GUI building with Ruby inside NetBeans or any other Ruby IDE (with the exception of Komodo). That means you’ll have to rely on external tools, namely the Qt Designer or the Glade interface designer (for GTK+): they are plentiful in features, really easy to use and documentation is widely available so it will be not a problem for you to create good GUIs with them in no time. The only problem about using one of these tools instead of building your GUI with your favourite IDE is that you’ll have to integrate your interface (externally built) with the code you’re writing. Let’s see how, using Glade and GTK+.

After creating a new Glade project some windows will pop up. Among them will be the palette window and the properties window : the first one allows you to create new widget, so click on the upper left button to create a window widget, then add a button to the newly created window by selecting the button widget and then left-click on the window body.

Palette window

Palette window

Now it’s time to look at the property window. By selecting the button that you craeted the property window will show all its properties. Select the signals tab and then click on the ellipse on the lower left of the window: that will show a dialog containing all the button’s available signals. Double click on clicked, then click add on the signals window.

Signals window

Signals window

Now save the project and close the Glade designer. You will see that Glade created two files in the folder you chose: the one that cares to us it the file. Now open a terminal at the folder location and type in:

ruby-glade-create-template > yourrubyfile.rb

Where yourrubyfile is a filename of your choice. This will create a new yourrubyfile.rb that looks like:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# This file is gererated by ruby-glade-create-template 1.1.4.
require 'libglade2'

class yourrubyfileGlade
  include GetText

  attr :glade

  def initialize(path_or_data, root = nil, domain = nil, localedir = nil, flag = GladeXML::FILE)
    bindtextdomain(domain, localedir, nil, "UTF-8")
    @glade =, root, domain, localedir, flag) {|handler| method(handler)}


  def on_button1_clicked(widget)
    puts "on_button1_clicked() is not implemented yet."

# Main program
if __FILE__ == $0
  # Set values as your own application.
  PROG_PATH = ""

Running the file will display the window you created and clicking on the button will execute whatever logic you’ve put inside the on_button1_clicked method.


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